27 Aug

When will we open to members?

When will we open to members?

We are still unsure of when it will be safe to open.

We will let everyone know as soon as possible.

We hope you can understand that right now our priority is to make sure all who attend can in a safe and secure environment.

We hope that the next time we have some information to share that it will say we are opening our building.

We’re very much looking forward to hearing the noise again! 😂

26 Aug


Happy 80th Birthday to you Victor. 🎉🎂


Such a pleasure to be celebrating the birthday of our longest attending member.

And here Victor is celebrating with his favourite tipple.

Enjoy x

26 Aug

We’ve Been Keeping Active – Virtually!

Sam Cullingworth has been keeping us active throughout lockdown with his short videos demonstrating gentle exercise techniques to keep us mobile. Thank you for your support in helping us maintain our activity levels during lockdown Sam!

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Keep active with Sam’s workouts.

View them on YouTube here:

We also gave out exercise and mindfulness sheets, some sports equipment, stress toys and visited people to check on their general wellbeing.

Unfortunately this project is now coming to an end but we would like to say a BIG Thank you to Sport England for their kind support in helping  us to keep our members well.

26 Aug

Big Thank you to One Community for their continuing support

Big Thank you to One Community for their continuing support through the pandemic.

Their financial support has enabled us to produce and distribute a  newsletter to our members as well as supporting them remotely through regular phone calls and delivering activity packs providing interest specific to each one.

Many Thanks from us all.


28 Jul
Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 19.08.40

Howlands Opening Soon.

Hi Everyone,

We hope that you are keeping well.

Howlands will be opening soon!

Like many other organisations we had to close due to the Lockdown. However we are now doing our very best to get Howlands back up and running ready for our members and volunteers to return soon.

We must make it a priority to ensure that everyone is safe when they do return and they are not at risk of catching or spreading the infection.

We will need a little more time to prepare so that you will feel confident to come back to Howlands.

We are really looking forward to seeing you all again so please check this website and our Facebook page for further news, and notification of when we are re-opening.

See you all soon.

20 Jul
Debora feeding geese with sweetcorn

Visit to Local Pond Means Treats for Geese

Deborah loves to see the new arrivals at the local duck pond.

Debora feeding geese with sweetcorn


This year the resident Mr and Mrs Goose have managed to raise seven rather beautiful goslings.

Deborah has seen them grow from tiny balls of soft downy feather to fill out to the size of mum and dad. Take a look at the picture, they ceryainly look fully grown.

“I like to treat them to a snack of sweetcorrn which they take from my hand, overseen by their wary parents of course. They are getting a little bit cheeky now as they are now stealing the bag so they don’t have to share it with the ducks!”

Keep your fingers safe Deborah, you know what these Geese are like!

17 Jul
Thankyou! copy

High Praise For Work During Covid-19

Early in June Howlands received an acknowledgement from The Lord Lieutenant of West Yorkshire, Ed Anderson, for the work being done by the Howlands Team during the Covid 19 crisis. Read it here:

Thankyou! copy











This is for all of our volunteers, supporters and members who have worked so hard to support each other through these last few difficult months, through our monthly newsletter.

17 Jul

Happy Lockdown 80th George

Our supporter George had his 80th birthday in May. Julia, our sugar craft expert and sugar craft tutor to our members made this special birthday cake for him featuring horses as he is a lifelong horse lover. Cake

Julia also made these very special cupcakes for George to take to the nurses and staff at Dewsbury District Hospital, where he receives regular treatment, to thank them all for the work they are doing. cupakes NHS

17 Jul
Tom's friend

Enjoying the rich nature in our own gardens

There’s been a strong theme of nature for Howlands members and volunteers.

We’ve all been enjoying the rich nature in our own gardens, take a look at the pictures below.

Pam Tom's friend






Tom had an very special visitor in his garden, although I don’t think the other birds were happy! Amazing to see though!

And take a look at Pam enjoyign the sun and sharing with us a picture of her flower bed development.

Brilliant photographs – thank you.

17 Jul
Becki water garden

Lockdown Garden Inspiration From Howlands Member

Our members and volunteers have been very busy in their gardens during lockdown.

Becki, like many others, took to the garden and even though the garden centres were closed she successfully managed to grow, tomatoes, peas, beans, peppers and spring onions.

Take a look at these impressive pictures:

Becki radish strawbsBecki water garden








By July she had her first crop of radishes, lettuce, rocket and strawberries. She didn’t stop there though.

Inspired by Howlands member, John Walmsley, who made his own water garden, Beckit took on the challenge to develop her own little living water garden.

It’s a work in progress, but look at the picture, Becki loves it and so do we.

Doesn’t it look fantastic?