1 May
Dewsbury Soup

Dewsbury Soup – Dewsbury’s Version of Dragon’s Den

Dewsbury Soup – Dewsbury’s Version of Dragon’s Den comes the the Howlands on May the 16th from 7pm.

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It’s simple, come along, make a small donation, we suggest a minimum of £5 which includes a bowl of soup, a vote and the opportunity to listen to four local people pitch their ideas.

The winning pitch receives 100% of the donated door money, its then up to them to use their micro-grant to help make their idea a reality. The only stipulation is they live in North Kirklees or benefit North Kirklees with their idea, do not use technology during their pitch (props are allowed), and that they come back to a future Soup to let the audience know how they are getting on.

To submit an application to pitch, download and complete the application form here. To attend the event receive your place here.

The audience can live anywhere – they just sign up to say they are coming along, and pay a minimum of £5. The first Dewsbury Soup will be at Howlands on 16th May from 7pm. Pitchers can be from a charity, a community group, a business, anywhere so long as they live in North Kirklees or have an idea/project which would benefit and be delivered in North Kirklees. They are asked to complete an application form, which is reviewed by a panel of judges, and on the night 4 ideas are pitched, for 4 minutes each, with 4 questions from the audience. The only criteria are that they need to be people who need our help to get an idea, project or business off the ground, or support an existing project or business to fund something they need.
The judges also need to live in North Kirklees, and can nominate themselves. They will be sent all the application forms and select the top 4 for them, based on their own criteria. The combined judges scores determine who gets to pitch on the night.

Really looking forward to seeing you there.

27 Mar
Many thanks to those who supported our social evening

Many thanks to those who supported our social evening

Many thanks to those who supported our social evening at Blenheim House. As you can see from the picture it was a fun night enjoyed by all which raised a remarkable £456.00.Many thanks to those who supported our social evening
Also a big thank you to our Coffee Morning regulars who attended our Easter Fair last week, which raised well over £400.00.
Such fabulous dedication from our supporters.
We wish all our supporters, volunteers and members a very Happy Easter.
19 Mar
Thank you Lloyds bank

Thank You Lloyds Bank

Everyone at Howlands was surprised to receive an email from the Lloyds Bank Foundation Staff Matched Giving Scheme to say they were donating a further £290 to match the money raised by the Bank’s Dewsbury branch during their Christmas Raffle.
Many thanks to everyone involved especially Saima Latif who organised the raffle.
The money will go towards  buying materials for our big art exhibition this autumn.
Thank you Lloyds bank
8 Mar
Second hand clothes collection

Second Hand Clothes Collection

Second hand clothes collection is now taking place at Howlands.
Second hand clothes collection
If you have or are about the attend to that Spring Clean think of our collection.
29th March is our deadline. You can either drop your unwanted clothing at Howlands or contact us to arrange collection. 
20 Feb
Howlands Member Tackles Sponsored Bike Ride

Howlands Member Tackles Sponsored Bike Ride

Howlands Member Tackles Sponsored Bike Ride. Kevin Walton has been a member for 33 years and has cerebral palsy.
Howlands Member Tackles Sponsored Bike Ride
His condition has never stopped him from taking part in Howlands activities and showing he’s made of true grit he’s declared he will be raising money for Howlands by taking part in a sponsored bike ride later this year.
Showing sheer determination Kevin is already in training for the ride
Howlands Member Tackles Sponsored Bike Rideand is taking advantage of the facilities and bikes and at Street Bikes in Cleckheaton as well as working with personal trainer, Sam Cullingworth of the Muscle Pit Gym in Dewsbury.
 Howlands Member Tackles Sponsored Bike Ride
Sam is delighted to be working with Kevin and is setting up a programme to slowly develop Kevin’s physical strength over the next few weeks. We’ll keep you updated of progress.
6 Feb
Shrove Tuesday

4 Temporary Positions have arisen at Howlands for willing persons to work Shrove Tuesday

  1. Bell Ringer:  Person to toll bell at the Minster on the hour every hour from 8.00 am throughout until 4.00 pm or earlier as instructed  by Runner. Pay will be 6d an hour plus 3 flagons of ale.Shrove Tuesday
  2. 2. Watcher: Person to stand at the front of the Howlands building from 7.50 am and watch closely for any movement by Pancake Dog. In the event of any activity from Pancake Dog to send Runner to summon Pancake cook to bring a fresh pancake immediately and place it within easy reach of Pancake Dog. Once, Pancake dog has commenced his descent to eat Pancake, to send Runner to Minster to instruct Bell Ringer to cease tolling. Pay will be 4d an hour plus 2 flagons of ale.
  3. Cook: Person to ensure there will be a freshly cooked pancake available each hour from 8.00 am for consumption by Pancake Dog, until 4.00 pm or such time Pancake Dog eats a pancake. Pay will be 2d an hour plus any uneaten pancakes and a flagon of ale.
  4. Runner: Person to work under instruction of the Watcher and perform errands as required. To be available from 7.50 am until such time he is laid off by Watcher                                                          Pay will be ½ d an hour plus half a flagon of ale.

Any persons interested in the above positions,please apply direct to Paymaster, Mr Andrew Young.

30 Jan

Two of our dedicated members Nigel Parkinson and Amanda Radforth holding a massive cheque for £290.00 donated to Howlands.
Over the Christmas period Lloyds Bank Dewsbury Branch ran a raffle to raise funds for Howlands.
The raffle display was really attractive and brought a lot of positive comments. We are very grateful to the manager and staff for their efforts in raising a terrific amount of money for Howlands. This will really help us in our work.
18 Jan
Stitching success at Howlands

Stitching Success at Howlands

Yet another stitching success from our very talented Howlands member Pam Long.

As you may be aware Pam has become a whizz at designing and creating stitch worked shopping bags.

Well done Pam.Stitching success at Howlands

17 Jan
Iron Maiden embroidery is a hit

Iron Maiden Embroidery is a Hit

Just look at Howlands long time member Paul Radforth and his amazing embroidery skills.
 Iron Maiden embroidery is a hit
A huge fan of the band Iron Maiden, Paul has embroidered a motif of Iron Maiden’s “Eddie” for his denim jacket.
The embroidery is based on the image on the Iron Maiden album “The Book of Souls”.
Great job Paul! You’ll definitely stand out in the crowd when you see them later on this year.
19 Dec
Members and volunteers at the Christmas party enjoying the party.

At the annual Christmas Lunch at Howlands there were nearly 40 members, volunteers and staff present. Everyone enjoyed the food prepared by the volunteers and staff.

Cath Longley talking to the members.

Cath Longley talking to the members.

Left to right : Howlands manager : Deborah Hall, Chairperson Cath Longley , Deputy Chair Victoria Ward

Left to right : Howlands manager : Deborah Hall, Chairperson Cath Longley , Deputy Chair Victoria Ward

Cath Longley, the Chairperson of Howlands, thanked everyone for coming and said that it had been a wonderful year for Howlands with the completion of the £500k refurbishment.
The building is now looking  splendid and a fine place to be.
She went on to say that we were all looking forward to 2018  and  lots of new exciting activities .