23 Jun
Howlands Dewsbury

Embroidery project is completed

Keen embroiderer and Howlands member Pam Long has finally completed her much awaited embroidery project.
The incredibly detailed project features a wonderful characterful octopus in a variety of green shades an has been stitched to a shopper.
It took Pam quite a long time to complete but as you can see she is very pleased with the result!
Well done Pam, it looks fantastic.
9 Jun
Howlands centre to open

Stop press: Howlands centre to open soon

Howlands centre to open. Reserve this very special date in your diaries. On Friday the 14th of July at 1.30pm we will be holding a re-opening ceremony to mark the simply wonderful transformation our building has been through.
Looking forward to seeing our members, volunteers and friends on this very special day.
9 Jun
Howlands Refurbishment

Howlands Refurbishment update.

Our chairman Tom Ellis and centre manager Deborah Hall met with Steve Voke from the Voke Consultancy and site manager Andy Mately for HB Projects to look at the Howlands refurbishment progress.
We have a few pictures to share with you:
The picture on the left shows the metal work needed to support the new room dividers. Each set of doors will weigh approximately one and a half tonnes hence the need for the structures.
Howlands Refurbishment
The picture on the left shows the double glazing that is being fitted to keep our building draft free. Notice the accessible bottom opening windows which will be a great help to the staff especially during summer when we want to feel the breeze.
The picture on the left illustrates the huge amount of insulation behind the wall panels which will definitely help cut down the heating bills not mention keep us nice and warm during the cooler months – image that!
We’d just like to take this opportunity to say we are extremely impressed by the work and the sheer scale of the hands-on commitment, there are up to 30 men on site at any one time, ensuring targets have and are being achieved.

24 May
Howlands refurbishment

Refurbishment latest

Here are some latest pictures of the refurbishment. No hidden treasure but some equally amazing finds.
You may have noticed there was a slight dip in the car park as you drove in. HB Projects decided to investigate and just look what they found, a cellar.
Howlands refurbishment

Discovered a cellar at the Howlands

Howlands refurbishment

Revealed is a stunning fireplace

Take a look at the picture on the right, this magnificent fireplace was hidden behind wooden paneling and has now been stripped back to its original stone finish and former glory.

Take a look at the photo below of the wooden structure of the building. It’s such a joy to see, it’s starting to look like a church again!
Howlands refurbishment

Massive reveal of the structure of the church.

Hope you like the update, we’ll keep sharing, just keep reading.

22 May
Howlands refurbishment progress.

Howlands refurbishment pictures

Howlands refurbishment

Howlands refurbishment progress.

More progress pictures from the refurbishment.
The photograph on the left shows you one of the steel bars that has been introduced to support the new room dividers.
It also gives an idea of how much dust is flying about!
Below is a photograph illustrating the true structure of the building, lovely to see the building reveal its character once again.


Howlands refurbishment progress.

Howlands refurbishment progress.

17 May
Taking a close look at the Pancake Dog with Andy Matley the site manager for HB Projects.

Taking a closer look at the Pancake Dog

Look at Thomas Ellis taking a close look at the Pancake Dog with Andy Matley, site manager for HB Projects.

Taking a close look at the Pancake Dog with Andy Matley the site manager for HB Projects.

Taking a close look at the Pancake Dog with Andy Matley, manager for HB Projects.

“Sorry my hand is in the way but I am not too good with heights!” Says Tom.
The visit to the roof was part of taking in the progress and getting a closer look at the success of the refurbishment.
 Howlands refurbishment Dewsbury.

The Pancake Dog pictured is a bit of a local legend known for jumping down from his perch
for his pancake when the bell is rung on Shrove Tuesday.
12 May
Howlands auction update

Auction Update

During the big clearout of the building a number of items were sent to CW Harrison & Son auctions in Ossett.

We’re pleased to say we were successful in securing sales on some of our tables and chairs but for those who missed out the remainder of  our items will be going through the auction at CW Harrisons on Monday 22nd May.

All money raised through the auction will contribute to the Howlands fundraising efforts.

We’d like to thank John Mosby and C.W. Harrison and Son who have been extremely helpful.

Please don’t forget to view the auction here at C.W. Harrison and Son

2 May
Howlands refurbishment

Did you see Howlands Refurbishment news in the Dewsbury Press?

With thanks to the Dewsbury Press the Howlands refurbishment made the headlines as the paper reported on our £500,000 upgrade of our building on School Street in the centre of Dewsbury.

Read more about how we secured funding with the help of Good Fundraising and read what our Chairman Tom Ellis has to say here.

The grant will be spent on a major overhaul of the School Street Building that is expected to be complete early 2017. The building works are intended to fully modernise the Victorian building to a state that will be able to accommodate community groups and a variety of uses for all the community to benefit from.

“We feel that our refurbishment is a very positive statement in the regeneration of Dewsbury and we look forward to being at the hub of the resurgence of local community involvement.”