30 Jan

Two of our dedicated members Nigel Parkinson and Amanda Radforth holding a massive cheque for £290.00 donated to Howlands.
Over the Christmas period Lloyds Bank Dewsbury Branch ran a raffle to raise funds for Howlands.
The raffle display was really attractive and brought a lot of positive comments. We are very grateful to the manager and staff for their efforts in raising a terrific amount of money for Howlands. This will really help us in our work.
18 Jan
Stitching success at Howlands

Stitching Success at Howlands

Yet another stitching success from our very talented Howlands member Pam Long.

As you may be aware Pam has become a whizz at designing and creating stitch worked shopping bags.

Well done Pam.Stitching success at Howlands

17 Jan
Iron Maiden embroidery is a hit

Iron Maiden Embroidery is a Hit

Just look at Howlands long time member Paul Radforth and his amazing embroidery skills.
 Iron Maiden embroidery is a hit
A huge fan of the band Iron Maiden, Paul has embroidered a motif of Iron Maiden’s “Eddie” for his denim jacket.
The embroidery is based on the image on the Iron Maiden album “The Book of Souls”.
Great job Paul! You’ll definitely stand out in the crowd when you see them later on this year.
19 Dec
Members and volunteers at the Christmas party enjoying the party.

At the annual Christmas Lunch at Howlands there were nearly 40 members, volunteers and staff present. Everyone enjoyed the food prepared by the volunteers and staff.

Cath Longley talking to the members.

Cath Longley talking to the members.

Left to right : Howlands manager : Deborah Hall, Chairperson Cath Longley , Deputy Chair Victoria Ward

Left to right : Howlands manager : Deborah Hall, Chairperson Cath Longley , Deputy Chair Victoria Ward

Cath Longley, the Chairperson of Howlands, thanked everyone for coming and said that it had been a wonderful year for Howlands with the completion of the £500k refurbishment.
The building is now looking  splendid and a fine place to be.
She went on to say that we were all looking forward to 2018  and  lots of new exciting activities .
11 Dec

Another Very Creative Handcrafted Christmas Present

Our loyal supporter and fundraiser Joan Townend has handcrafted another very creative handcrafted Christmas present to raise funds for the Howlands.


Noah and his Ark has been knitted by Joan, there are 17 pairs of animals, as well as other characters, which you can see in the picture.

We are always impressed with the work and dedication that goes into Joan’s knitted creations. Where could you find anything else like this? It is very definitely a one-off.

We wonder who will be having a happy Christmas playing with this !
5 Dec
20171116_141409 (1)

Another beautiful shopping bag crafted by Pam.
This one is a stunning country cottage image made to order for one of  our volunteers,  Brenda Miles, but has another one on order – getting very popular!
There’s definitely an ordering queue for these quality shoppers, or should I say works of art.
Pam should have her own website at this rate, or at least her own gallery!20171116_141409 (1)
30 Nov

Coffee Morning Raises Money for Howlands

Christine Sykes, our long serving staff member, decided to hold a coffee morning at her home and invited the neighbours round to join in for catch up and a natter whilst raising money to support Howlands.
Christine was absolutely delighted when ten people turned up for coffee and cakes.
In addition to coffee and cakes a raffle was held  and a total of well over £30 was raised which will go towards the Howlands fundraising pot – everyone had a great time in good company. Thank you for thinking of Howlands.
23 Nov
Another completed shopping bag make to order

Another Complete Shopping Bag Make to Order

Pam’s getting busy and here is another complete shopping bag make to order and ready to hit the shops.

Another completed shopping bag make to order

Just look at the detail! This one is for our very own Judith Cass. 

Not one to rest, Pam has already started on her next shopping bag order. Don’t forget to place your order for a bag for life.


20 Nov

Snap up an up-cycled hessian bag for your Christmas gifts as part of our fundraising activities at Howlands

As part of continuing fundraising activities at Howlands we have been creatively up-cycling hessian bags in the hope they will be snapped up.
This is a regular activity here at Howlands and from experience we know the bags are very popular, so fingers crossed this time will be no different.
Pam Long, one of our members, holds the latest bag that she has finished to sell to support the work that we have do. Just look at how detailed the embroidary is – fabulous work and truly a one-off piece of craft.