13 Apr
Howlands refurbishment gets moving

Howlands refurbishment gets moving

Howlands refurbishment gets moving and to our surprise we to to view these windows which have been covered up for many, many years.
Howlands refurbishment gets moving

Howlands refurbishment gets moving

This fabulous window was covered by cupboards then by the mezzanine. They are huge and far bigger than those at the front of the building.


Things have certainly started moving and as you can see from the picture on the right the ceiling is already coming down.
Keep coming back to the website to stay up to date with our progress.
12 Apr
Temporary building appeal

Auction News – don’t miss your opportunity

During the big clearout of the building  a  number of items were sent to be auctioned.

If you would like to bid for our stacker chairs and tables these will be going through auction on the 19th April.

The remainder of  the large variety of smaller items we sent will be booked into sales during May, date to be confirmed.

The last sales did very well for us in raising funds and we hope to achieve similar success during the remaining auctions.

Many thanks to John Mosby and C.W. Harrison and Son who have been so helpful to us, and please don’t forget to view the auction here at C.W. Harrison and Son

4 Apr
Yorkshire Building Society Helps Out at Howlands

Yorkshire Building Society Helps Out at Howlands

Many thanks to the Yorkshire Building Society for allowing two of their employees to spend  a day at Howlands under their Community Involvement scheme.
Faye and Leanne were really helpful in supporting our members in a variety of activities.
They were very positive in their interaction with the members and they were both a credit to their organisation. We were delighted to have them with us!
31 Mar
Howlands has left the building

Howlands has left the Building

Howlands has left the building for planned refurbishment work to begin.

We’ll keep you informed of progress but don’t forget we’ve moved to Staincliffe Park Pavilion, for approximately 12 weeks.
Our new temporary telephone number is 07521 653710 and the address is Staincliffe Park Pavilion, Dewsbury Gate Road, Staincliffe, Batley WF13 4AX.We look forward to returning in three months time to a building that Dewsbury can be very proud of.
17 Mar
Howlands Centre

Important Information – we’re moving!

Howlands will be moving temporarily while the complete refurbishment of the building takes place.

The Friends of Staincliffe Park have been very generous in offering us the use of their premises, Staincliffe Park Pavilion, for approximately 12 weeks.

Howlands will close its doors on School Street on Friday the 24th March at 4pm and re-open activities at our new base on Monday the 3rd of April at 9.30am. For anyone wishing to call please note we now have a new temporary telephone number 07592 409507.

The address at Staincliffe Park Pavilion is Dewsbury Gate Road, Staincliffe, Batley WF13 4AX. 

Looking forward to seeing you all there.


16 Mar
£244.25 raised for Howlands

Fundraising Evening for Howlands

A recent evening out for the members and volunteers of Howlands raised £244.25.

Held at at Zucchini’s Restaurant, Batley it was nice to see so much support, not to mention eat some very nice food.

Many thanks to Christine Sykes for organising the event and to everyone who supported it.

A special thank you to the staff at Zucchini’s who looked after us so well.

6 Mar
Howlands refurbishment Dewsbury.

The Pancake Dog Features in Howlands Refurbishment

The Pancake Dog might be jumping down from his perch for while the Howlands  refurbishment goes ahead.
Howlands refurbishment Dewsbury.
He is currently at the back of the building looking a little worn. He was taken from the vicarage in the 1880’s and it is alleged to jump down for his pancake when the bell is rung on Shrove Tuesday.
Didn’t look like the dog moved last week to me, but who knows!
Hopefully the dog will be cleaned up and placed at the front of the building where more people will be able to see him when we open our refurbished centre.
28 Feb
Howlands auction update

Thank you to English Framing Co.

Many thanks to the English Framing Co. who did such a wonderful job with our members’ pictures.
They always have a wide selection of frames and a very subtle choice of mounts.
We strongly recommend that you give them a call on 01924 455903  for some excellent service and directions to their new premises in Dewsbury.
Thanks again English Framing Co.
24 Feb
Howlands Dewsbury

Unique Crocheted Animals For Sale

Unique Crocheted Animals For Sale. Chirpy Chicken, Gorgeous Giraffe or a Handsome Hippo – which one would you have?

Splash out and buy all three.
Our very own Howlands member Becki is a crochet whizz and now spends all of her waking, and some sleeping moments, crocheting colourful and cute animals, for sale in aid of Howlands.
Unique Crocheted Animals For Sale

Crochet creations by Becki.

Anybody interested in buying these incredible unique creations should speak to Becki at Howlands for details and pricing.
Colours will be vary from the attached photographs.
20 Feb
Howlands Dewsbury

Artistic Talent at Howlands

Here are a few new pieces from our talented artists.
Howlands Dewsbury

Poppies (Mixed Medium) by Rebecca Moore.

Howlands Dewsbury

A Tapestry of Flowers (Wool on Canvas) by Aisha Ghanchi.

Howlands Dewsbury

Seahorse (Tapestry on Hessian) by Marlene Rhodes.

Howlands Dewsbury

Sunset (Acrylic on Canvas) by Brenda Sunderland.

If you like what you see we do take commissions – contact us.